Freelance iOS Developer

Hi, I’m Rool, a senior freelance iOS developer, working on internet, web, app, mobile and tablet projects since 1997. With over 20 years of experience in software development, I consider myself to be a well rounded professional.

Early Start

Rool Paap, freelance iOS developer
Rool Paap

I’ve been developing for the internet since the last century. You name it, I’ve build it. Remember those CDs you got with every magazine to get your dial-up connection to the internet? You guessed it, I build that in my awesome Perl hacker days. I’ve build a complete advertisement banner program, long before the Google Ad days. 

Things change, so I jumped on the web development train in 2002. Starting with websites in PHP, I progressed to mass mailing systems, content management systems and online collaboration tools.

Mobile First

The rise of the mobile phone lead to the “mobile first” trend, so once again I shifted my focus to mobile development. Starting with touch frameworks, I soon found my way into the native stuff, developing both for iOS in Objective-C and for Android

Around 2011 I saw a ever growing demand for those mobile skills, so I became a part-time freelancer. After building some cool projects both for iOS and Android, I found myself doing more and more iOS and less and less Android. 

As soon as Apple announced Swift, I jumped on the Swift train. Starting late 2014, I became a full time freelance iOS developer.

Freelance iOS developer

So here I am today, a senior freelance iOS developer, looking for cool projects on the crossroads of mobile apps, data, APIs, ready to deliver an amazing experience. If you have such a project, you came to the right place! Just send me an email or reach out to me on any social platform. I would love to hear from you!