All Points Bulletin

Have you seen this man? Contact the police. That’s a feature I build into version 4.2.0 of the Dutch Police App.

Once a year or so the Dutch Police will issue their version of an urgent all points bulletin, in this case looking for a dangerous escaped convict. While rare, such an event needed a prominent case in the app. So we added an extra menu item in the bottom navigation bar which will only show if such an event is needed.

It’s great to see this feature actually working. Being a developer I’m not granted access to live production data, so we had to build and test this using our acceptance environment. The last step before releasing a version of our app, we would test all the features in the app. This is the only feature one we could not test, so we were exited to this working flawless.

This feature is and can also be used for Amber Alerts and Missing Childs. I learned those are not the same, an amber alert will only be issued if the child’s life is presumed to be in danger.

I said I would like to use SwiftUI, but we’re supporting iOS 11 and up for this public app. So just your collection of UIStackViews, UITableViews, UIImageViews and UITabBars.

And I did spot one tiny bug in a reused component, where you could edit certain parts of a UITextView. Hence version 4.2.1!

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